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But Why Shouldn’t I Drive?

One of the most difficult tightropes to walk in life is the one between owning and driving a car and being an environmentalist. On the one hand, you have worked and saved to own the vehicle and are justifiably proud of it, but on the other you know that by driving it you are not being kind to the environment. And then there are other people who seem to feel, and will even state, that for every tree planted by an environmentalist group, they will produce all […]

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What is Sustainable Living?

The world has plenty of problems, and often you will find that friends or neighbors are skeptical that you choose the environment as one of your issues. When we stand at threat from terrorism, from crime in our towns and cities, and when there are potential new threats to our health from this thing or that thing, someone will always ask “Why are you bothering with recycling?”. The simple reason to give in response is that just because there are other problems, it doesn’t mean you cannot […]

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Dealing With Skeptical People

There is an ugly vein of skepticism which runs through a large part of society. It’s understandable, we all have our cynical side and that’s important – no-one wants to be gullible even if we want to think the best of people and organisations. But skepticism for the sake of it is so pointless. If we all thought “What’s the point?” about things that didn’t immediately profit us then the world would be in big trouble – and not from global warming, but from global apathy. If […]

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It’s Your Planet

Green living is something that attracts enthusiasm and scorn in seemingly equal measures. For every person who embraces the idea as something that we all should do, there are at least a few who will view it as a “scam” and a way of getting money out of people by tripping their guilt reflex. For someone who is keen to avoid making anyone angry, it can be a difficult balance to strike. But when it comes down to it, the fact is that there is a lot […]

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